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Home Cleaning Solutions

Our multi-purpose home cleaner works to provide a safer, cleaner, better alternative to those harsh chemicals that are not only not ideal for your home and the environment, but also for your family. Our products are safe to use around pets, children, and on all surfaces.

Consider this: most plastic is used just once, and then it is thrown away. This generates 7 billion tons of plastic trash.
Part of this plastic trash is dumped into the ocean each year - 15 million pounds to be exact - and this plastic comes back to us through consumption in our food ecology.

This is creating toxic effects that touch everyone - humans, animals, the ocean, our whole eco-system, we want to take a stand against the damage we are doing to the earth.

AINACARE'S Multi-Purpose Home Cleaner helps to reduce the amount of plastic used. You can reuse the same bottle for months without having to continuously buy new bottles of solution. All you need is one bottle, our eco-friendly tablets, and water. Use the bottles, add tablets and create eco-friendly, safe to use cleaning solution. Our tablets are multi-use cleaners that, when mixed with warm water, they're very effective at removing tough stains, odors, spills, and other messes. Use anywhere in the home; on counter tops, to clean the toilet, the shower, or even on glass. The options are endless. 

When using AINACARE’S reusable bottle, you can use the bottle for months
without having to replace it. Not only does this save money, but it saves our landfills, our earth, our land for the future.

Our cleaning solutions are secure for our pets, our children, and for the environment. We strive to provide a better product to make our plastic reusable and out of the oceans.

We value our planet, and as such, our mission is to provide eco-friendly packaging on our innovative, safe to use cleaning solutions. We ensure that our solutions are also convenient to use, offers the best in use, while also being safe for everyone who lives in the house and provides the cleaning power you can come to expect from a quality product.

Skip the single-use bottles and go with an AINACARE bottle that provides purpose for those everyday chores you do.

Breathe easier knowing you're doing your part, along with us, to reduce, reuse, and recycle. Let's provide a better world for everyone to live in .