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About Us

We started AINACARE with only one goal – to save the planet.

Our company is joining the movement to clean up the Earth one piece of plastic at a time. In an effort to reduce the amount of waste and plastic products used in the world today, we realized that packaging in one-time-use containers is unacceptable.

We strive to design and utilize better packaging by using biodegradable plastic for all of our products because we love the environment. We want to do our part to help save Earth, while also inspiring others to do the same. We want to be the change and for you to be the change with us.

When we work together towards one common goal, we are able to create real change. Join us in the fight to keep our planet healthy, green, and clean by reducing the amount of waste on Earth. The harder we work at eliminating plastics, the longer the Earth will be able to live, breathe, and care for its children.

Our name shows just how much we care about the world we live in. AINA stands for green, vegetation, clean, and beautiful. It is a word that is used in Japanese, Hawaiian, Arabic and Africa universally, allowing us all to become connected.

The world brings us closer together and as such, we should do our part to take care of it.

Our mission is to provide eco-friendly packaging that is reusable. Our innovative products are great for the environment, and put less strain on the world we live in while being convenient, affordable, and effective.

We value our planet and want to be a part of the mission to clean it up and keep it longer.