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Car Cleaner

The Ainacare car cleaner. Clean, shine, and protect the outside of your vehicle with a cleaner that is made in the eco-friendliest way. Having a car that is polished, looking it’s best, and has a protectant against the outside elements can ensure that your vehicle stays in the best condition it should stay in for longer.

The cleaner comes with a car wash kit that provides you with not only the soft cleaning scrubbers needed, but also the ability to clean, shine, and protect with a specific cleaning agent that helps to get the job done.

The cleaning solution is eco-friendly and ensures that you are obtaining the best cleaning agent that is free from harsh chemicals, as well as detergents that could otherwise harm the paint job and coating on the vehicle.

This solution offers not only just the cleaner, but the wax protectant on the outside, as well. Remove dirt and debris from the outside of the vehicle without scratching or creating issues on the coating of the vehicle.  

Use the product on a number of vehicles:

• Car
• Boat
• RV
• Motorcycle

The cleaner and protectant not only helps to protect the paint coating and clear coat on the outside of the vehicle from UV rays. The coating is also anti-static, non-stick, and protective for all of the surfaces it is placed on.

You do not need to use water when using this cleaner and protectant on the outside of the vehicle. You can use it with or without the use of water to clean the outside of the vehicle. Simply add it to the rag or directly onto the vehicle and wipe the outside of the vehicle down.

Shop through our selection of vehicle car cleaning solutions and packages to find the perfect kit that suits the needs you have. Having a cleaner, better looking, protected car is ideal for those who want a longer lasting vehicle.