Shoe Care Solutions

Shoe Care Solutions

Our biodegradable formula is ideal for lifting dirt and stains from the outside of sneakers. Combine this mixture with the pro-bacterial solution to offer the most in cleaning power but also to help lift harder to remove stains easier and more effectively.
This formula is also non-toxic, not harmful to those living in the home or to the environment around you. You can rest easy knowing that your children and pets are safe from harsh chemicals that may make them sick.

Tough enough to remove dirt and stains from the outside of the shoes, as well as other delicate materials such as suede, leather, canvas, and nubuck. You have the cleaning power in one bottle that reduces waste and ensures effective, safe cleaning power with each spray. 

The product bottle is made from polyethylene (HOPE) safe synthetic plastic. This is 100% recyclable plastic. Packaged for easy gifting, or just to purchase and use on your own in your home. This formula is ideal for everyone, and anyone.

Keep your sneakers clean, fresh, and protected from all of the outside elements while ensuring that they look their best with the use of this eco-friendly formula that scrubs the dirt and debris away. Use the included brush to scrub away the dirt, while freshening them with the including spray.

AINACARE ensures that you can have cleaner, brighter, whiter sneakers without damaging the earth around you. Join us in the fight to protect the earth, use less plastic, create less waste, and reduce our carbon footprint on the world we should cherish for the future.