Aina Care — Revolutionizing Cleaning with Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

Cleaning is a natural part of life. No matter where you live or what you live in, you’re going to need to keep it clean and tidy! Plus, in addition to keeping our homes clean, we all have prized possessions that we want to keep looking brand new!

The problem becomes the cleaning products being used to clean our homes and how convenient and reliable they are! At Aina Care, we’ve spent our careers creating the perfect home cleaning products with these issues in mind. As a result, we’ve been able to create a diverse line of cleaning products for a variety of applications. Keep reading to learn more about the cleaning products we create, and shop our online store now to order your own. 

Our Cleaning Products

First and foremost, let us give you the rundown on what types of cleaning products we offer for you and your household! Aina Care creates a variety of cleaning product lines — Home Care Products, Shoe Care Products, Personal Care Products, Leather Care Products, and Vehicle Care Products. 

Home Care Products

Just about every home has a cupboard, closet, or other place that’s stashed full of different cleaning chemicals from different companies that all claim to do the same things. From bathroom to kitchen cleaners and everything in between, Aina Care looks to help you consolidate your cleaning materials and drastically cut down the amount of waste associated with your home cleaning.

Our cleaning products are effective and much more gentle than other cleaning products and chemicals on the market. We’re proud to use natural ingredients and no harsh chemicals — we don’t even use alcohol or ammonia! 

Still Aina Care’s cleaning products are tough on dirt and grime and easy to use. We’ve perfected our formula so you can enjoy an effective and reliable line of home cleaning products. And the best part? We make our home cleaning products sustainable and easy to use. We create our cleaning products in the form of tablets that are paired with biodegradable plastic bottles that you can reuse for months on end. 

Whenever you need a refill of your Aina Care cleaners, simply drop the applicable cleaning tablet into the related spray bottle (they all come labeled and color-coded for convenience) and then fill with warm water. Then, you’re ready to keep on cleaning! 

Our full list of home cleaning products include: 

  • Multi-Purpose Cleaner
  • Bathroom Cleaner
  • Glass Cleaner
  • Dish Soap 
  • Foaming Hand Wash

To learn more about the specifics of our cleaning products for the home, shop our selection now!

Shoe Care Products

Whether you’re a sneakerhead, or you just appreciate crisp, clean footwear, you need Aina Care’s shoe cleaning products. As with our home cleaning products, our shoe care line is made with non-toxic and even biodegradable ingredients to create an effective and top-quality line of shoe cleaning products. 

What’s more, we offer all the tools and supplies you need to properly clean with our shoe care products! From removing stains, dirt, and grime to deodorizing your shoes or simply providing routine care, our shoe care products are specifically designed to address footwear and common cleaning concerns associated with it. 

Plus, our shoe care line has specially-formulated products for a variety of different shoe materials and applications. Some of our shoe care products include:

  • Sneaker Care
    • Cleaning Kit
    • Shoe Deodorizer
    • Waterproofer
    • Cleaning Tools
  • Suede & Nubuck Care
    • Cleaning Kit
    • Cleaning Tools
  • Leather Care
    • Cleaning Kits
    • Shoe Shiners
    • Cleaning Tools

To learn more about the shoe care options we offer at Aina Care browse our selection now!

Leather Care Products

While we have leather shoe care, we also formulate leather care products for applications outside of your beloved footwear! From leather furniture to vehicle interiors and every leather material in between, we offer high-quality and gentle cleaners that will keep your leather looking clean, crisp, and healthy!

Our primary leather cleaner comes with three products, one for leather cleaning, one for leather protection, and the other for leather nourishing. These keep your leather looking its best while maintaining the soft and supple texture that makes leather so popular.

Our leather care products include our classic leather care kit and our suede and nubuck care kit. Shop now!

Vehicle Care Products

While a clean car may not necessarily be essential, there aren’t many feelings better than cruising around in your vehicle that’s been freshly cleaned and waxed on a sunny day! Vehicles are major investments, and as such, it’s nice to have them looking their best! 

And at Aina Care, we’ve made sure to create a line of vehicle care products that can keep your vehicle looking shiny and wonderful! Our products allow you to remove dirt and grime from your vehicle without leaving behind marks or scratches. Plus, like our other products, our vehicle cleaning products are gentle on the environment! 

Use our vehicle cleaner on your automobiles and boats — shop now to get your own! 

Personal Care Products

Finally, we offer assorted personal cleaning products to keep you stocked and ready for any situation. From high-quality microfiber cloths to an effective and compact glasses cleaning kit, we offer the products you’re looking for!

Shop our selection of personal care products now. 

Why Sets Aina Care Apart

As you can see, Aina Care creates a diverse range of cleaning products that you can use in a number of cleaning applications. And while you may have been able to tell as we described the products we make, we’d like to take a moment to emphasize those unique and important aspects of our business and products that set us apart from our competitors. 


At Aina Care, we care about our customers, and we care about our planet. As a manufacturer of products, we recognize that we have a responsibility to have as little impact on the environment as we possibly can. As such, we’ve approached all of our business with an eco-conscious mindset. 

When it comes to the actual cleaning solutions we offer, we’ve worked tirelessly to make gentle cleaning products that don’t contain toxic, harsh chemicals. This not only helps the environment by removing common contaminants associated with cleaning products, but it also helps keep you and your home healthier and safer! In fact, a number of our products are actually biodegradable!

But beyond the cleaning solutions themselves, we’ve worked hard to create smarter, greener packaging. With our home care line, we’ve helped drastically reduce the amount of plastics we produce and sell by making reliable, reusable cleaning spray bottles that get refilled by our innovative tablets. 

And the plastic we do use is fully-recyclable. Our goal is to get rid of single use plastics from our production, and this is a great start! 

Ultimately, what sets us apart is in our name — we care about our customers and the products we sell! As a result we’re always improving and looking for ways to improve our environmental footprint. 

Elevate Your Home Cleaning Today

If we’re being honest, there is so much amazing information about our unique and effective cleaning products that we could never fit it all into a single blog. That said, we sincerely hope that this blog has helped illuminate not only what we offer at Aina Care, but what sets it apart from our competitors. If you’d like to get started with our top-quality products, shop our selection now! And if you have any questions about the cleaning products we make, don’t hesitate to contact our team!